the nothing i feel




released October 1, 2015

All Songs written and produced by Johnathan Mooney (BMI) & Christian Granquist (STIM) except where indicated.

Recorded at Single-Malt Studios, Mission Viejo, CA & Calypso Electronique, Stockholm, SE

Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage, Coventry, UK .

Cover Design & Artwork: Alex McVey.

Business Management: Amanda Mooney for Goodman Mooney LLP
Media Relations: Christian Bankes for High Road Publicity

©2015, All Rights Reserved.

"Goodbye Horses" written by William Garvey,Donna Dijon Music Publishing. "Face to Face" written by Danny Elfman, Peter Clark, Susan Ballion, & Steven Bailey Dreamhouse Music, Warner-Barham Music, LLC, & Little Maestro Music.

Drums on "Your Lying Virtue” & “Face to Face” by Tiger Kohen.

"The Pink & The Black (En Esch Mix)" produced by En Esch.

Special thanks to our loved ones and lady friends, Tiger Kohen, Martin Bowes, Alex McVey, Kitty Lectro, Sean Templar, Mandana Banshie, Bryin Dall, Jackie Sussman, and all of the people who have supported our dark ride so far....

PS: Christian would also like to thank Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe.


all rights reserved



JOHNATHAN|CHRISTIAN Los Angeles, California

Dark Wave Doom from Christian Granquist,Johnathan Mooney & Tiger Koehn.
Citing influences ranging from The Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division to the electronic pulse of Depeche Mode and the piano of Muse, Johnathan Christian typifies the traditional dark wave sound, but with soaring, epic refrains and dramatic fugues that create a style all their own. ... more

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Track Name: The Nothing I Feel
The nothing I feel

The nothing I feel
consumes from inside
Some unknown pleasures
that now are deprived
Every time you reject
the stranger within
Don't know how to connect
or how to begin

No trace of it as
I look into your eyes
Each time that it happens
a part of me dies
What hard forged steel
can force though your hide?
The nothing I feel
can never be bereaved

How could you ever
allow It to disappear?
From forever, together
It withered with a sneer
My mind refuses to recall
My eyes are dim, no sight at all
I long to eradicate it all
Just like a phantom limb

It flowed like waves
Throughout my soul
It misbehaves,
Not to control
It tossed and turned
Inside my mind
Pleasures discerned
Though not confined
Can someone find
the missing part?
And quickly shove it
through my breast
All stars aligned
Here in the dark

I stand forsaken without words
On the side o the piké
Standing on a house of cards
Reaching nothing but dislike
For quite a while, trying hard
To become just like you
Yet Edens gate is ever barred
Leaving me yearning for something true

Don't want to feel
The nothing inside me...
Track Name: Forgotten

How come my dreams are in color?
my life in black and white
I search my mind to discover
What made the stars ignite
Looking back after memories
although I've seen it before
Feels like it's been gone for centuries
so nothing left to deplore

I can't remember your face
I can't recall your embrace
I can't think of anything
that makes it fall into place

How could I possibly foresee
not able to reminisce
Just like a rerun on TV
they never make'em like this

Haunt me!
Stalk me!
Make me perceive
Who you are
Want me!
Shock me!
No make belief
From afar
Track Name: The Pink & The Black
The Pink & the Black

I try not to listen to
what other people say
Though I may be fucked up
not in a threatening way
No good in condemning
what you don't understand
and there´s no point pretending
you're lending me a hand

I'm trapped inside
a smoky haze
I see you move
in mysterious ways
Although my eyes
try hard to gaze
I still reside
in this fatal maze

The future
The past
Each day shall be our last
The Darkness
The light
We'll dance all through the night

So call it false addiction
yet I can never leave
Perhaps a quaint description
of what I'll never achieve
Call it a contradiction
Or am I out of line?
It bites me like affliction
and starts the sharp incline

Some people call it boredom
I prefer to call it fate
If I should determine
the fear should start to abate
So I put on some make up
and I smile a fake goodbye
The path is paved and cleared up
No way of telling why
Track Name: Independence

Tonight, free at last
Demands, all in the past
The line has finally been crossed
And I'm looking for my paradise lost

As the cross is ever lifted off
Seeing whoever I choose
For, Hey, what's there to lose?
Tell me Mister, what have I to lose?

Tonight, alone again
I'm out here, looking for a friend
This hurt, you see, striving to apprehend
Only with you, will I let the dark descend
Track Name: Your Lying Virtue
Your lying virtue

You took me to a distance place
where nothing ever grows
Told me there used to be some grass
But where nobody knows
And while you sung a song
Of nights without a cause
They said "all animals are equal"
Yet covert matters may best not be disclosed

You told me righteousness was
more than I could afford
And that in these days
Some things are best to be ignored
You promised me glory
And remarkable rewards
And spoke of pleasures
That I never ever dreamed of before

Tell me you jest
Tell me they lie
Make me believe in virtue
Let me stay gullible for a while

Remember how we shared a life
through the gazing of our eyes
Depending on technology

then no one lives, yet nobody dies - You told me we're more alike
than I could ever realize- and whispered that a new civilization
is swiftly on the rise
Track Name: Hush
Hush now

my baby

Hush now

my love....