One Last Night




released May 23, 2017


all rights reserved



JOHNATHAN|CHRISTIAN Los Angeles, California

Dark Wave Doom from Christian Granquist,Johnathan Mooney & Tiger Koehn.
Citing influences ranging from The Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division to the electronic pulse of Depeche Mode and the piano of Muse, Johnathan Christian typifies the traditional dark wave sound, but with soaring, epic refrains and dramatic fugues that create a style all their own. ... more

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Track Name: One Last Night
One last night, he said
To make up for broken dreams
One last night is all you've got

So show me the way to nights
Of drinks and nicotine
And gorgeous looking Forget-me-not's

Just for a moment ,
I stop and wondered where you are
As I lit my last cigar

Dance me to Hades
Et in Arcadia (ego)
The World is my oyster
I will live (love) again

In an unknown bed, afraid of opening my eyes
a taste of ashes in my mouth
like a fantasy adventure reprise
Showing highlights from my blank out

Beautiful sirens, all that gold ever can buy
Is this for real my last goodbye?


Then something odd occurred, a voice deep down inside said
Are you sure it's not a dream?
And as I felt the silk from bow-ties in my hand
There's nothing wrong with your bloodstream
And things are seldom what they seem

So I will live again
And I will love again
Again , again