Beautiful Hideous


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    A year in the making and recorded on two continents. The debut album from Johnathan Mooney & Christian Granquist. With bonus mixes by industrial legend Martin Bowes of Attrition and Bryin Dall this is a must-have album to add to your collection.
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released November 8, 2013

All Songs written and produced by Johnathan Mooney & Christian Granquist
BMI/STIM except where indicated

Recorded at Single-Malt Studios, Orange County, CA & Calypso Electronique, Stockholm, SE

Mastered by Michael Hatley at Lotus Mastering, Los Angeles, CA

Cover Design & Artwork: Alex McVey

Business Management: Amanda Mooney for Goodman Mooney LLP

©2013, All Rights Reserved

“I Walk This Earth Alone”
Additional Backing Vocals by Nyari Wilson

“Before the Dark” (Avant que l'ombre)
Written by Laurent Boutonnat, Mylène Gautier & Mylène Farmer
Requiem Publishing

English Translation by Christian Granquist

“The Chauffeur”
Written by Duran Duran
Gloucester Place Music Limited

“Beautiful Hideous” (Hard on My Sleeve Mix)
Produced by Bryin Dall

“Haunted” (Another World Attrition Mix)
Produced by Martin Bowes

Johnathan & Christian would like to thank: Our significant others, loved ones and lady friends, Dave Kendall, DJ Cruel Britannia, Paul V., Bryin Dall, Martin Bowes, Cathedral 13, Jim Brady, Nightbreed Radio, Jackie Sussman, Toby Saalfield, Tiger Kohen and everyone who’s supported and followed our dark journey thus far….

“Et in Arcadia ego…”


all rights reserved



JOHNATHAN|CHRISTIAN Los Angeles, California

Dark Wave Doom from Christian Granquist,Johnathan Mooney & Tiger Koehn.
Citing influences ranging from The Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division to the electronic pulse of Depeche Mode and the piano of Muse, Johnathan Christian typifies the traditional dark wave sound, but with soaring, epic refrains and dramatic fugues that create a style all their own. ... more

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Track Name: I Walk This Earth Alone
No one can hear you
No matter how hard you tread
Nobody sees you
You're like a living undead

But I can still , recall the taste
Of your mouth, flesh and bone
More a taste of bittersweet
As I walk this earth alone

Please reach out and touch me
No harm, it's just an embrace
Can anyone feel me?
Just take a look at my face!

So show me a wound
That a burning love can't sooth
Please serve me a drink or two
With the taste of my ancient youth

Is there anyone, who'll show me how to breathe?
Will there be anything, left for me to feel?

My body is frozen
It's stuck in the cold
Thus slowing the process
Of corroding my soul

And I would do
Most anything
To take a breath again
Just give me one more chance
To show it was not in vain

Is there anyone, who'll show me how to breathe?
Will there be anything, left for me to feel?
I'll promise anything, if I could just believe
So help me Jesus, make me die or make me live
Track Name: Fallen
So freedom of speech is a contradiction
Is that so?
Will need a change in the manner you preach
But change means movement, which spells friction
Didn't you know?
Why, what an intricate impeach!

Fallen they’re fallen
Like a snowflake in thin air
Defenestrated in despair
Fallen, watch them fallen,
Needs warmth to make them disappear
Lets liquid crystals persevere

And though the heart should be resilient,
They say
Should make your copy quite unique
The way it works, is kind of brilliant
In a way
Leaves liquid crystals on my cheek

Will you yield and this avoid?
Or guilty in defense be thus destroyed?
Somehow perceived how you enjoyed?
Was it your refuge when annoyed?
Track Name: Beautiful Hideous
She watches him at distance
His trail can take any form
In parallel existence
The calm before the storm

It's grinding higher so she,
Revolves ethereally
As it turns darker, so she,
Can see he really believes

“You broke your heart
All by your own”,
She claims
“But by breaking it all,
You too broke mine”
She says

She sees him through the doorway,
Just like a thief in the night
She holds her breath, and she sighs
Need to stay clear out of sight

“He'll never see me”,
She says
At least not during the day
But this is nothing,”
She cries
“I wish I knew the right way”

“So as long as I breathe,
You will not be alone”,
She says
“I should learn to forgive
But haven't got what it takes”
She says

And he will never know
Night kept chained below
But her heart is beating way too slow
She burned too bright
To see the light
She cannot die without her soul

There is no need to hide your deed
As she reminds herself to breathe
The cold prevents my nose from bleed
And I shall learn, your heart to beat
Track Name: Haunted
Nothing scares me more
When twilights gleaming fades away
I start preparing for
A long Night's journey into day

You start by asking me
In a casual kind of way
Your eyes are hollow yet
Are burning like a bird of prey

I've tried to hide
To run away
Although I know there is no way
To make this tidal wave subside
I'm yours until the morning light

No possibility
No bringing back from the other side
Daytime tranquility
It makes stay where you abide

My friends and family
Impressed I managed to move on
My personality
Disappears as daylight's gone

So as the darkness closes in
I hear your footsteps from afar
Amidst the pizzicato strings
You suck me down into the dark

When you walk through me dear
And show me science is a lie
No mirror image to be seen
As such; the gravity defied

I stagger very close to fall
No way that this is not for real
My back is up against the wall
As you approach Achilles heel

Make me fly
Away from here
Take me through the atmosphere
Another World,
Another place,
Make the darkness disappear
Track Name: My Private Room
As I look upon the world we have today
I see hatred, greed and doom
But I consider myself fortunate, I'd say
In my private little room

It's a place where evil cannot tread
And safer then my mother’s womb
The air is peaceful; there is no more fear or dread
When I go to my private room

But wait a minute; there are cracks in the thin wall
I've never noticed them before
From the walls come arms that catch me as I fall
Please go away, trespass no more

I was happy here, until you arrived
You render nothing more than gloom
So take me away, to seek new purpose in my life
And find me a new little private room

Things are different here, no windows or no view
What has become of my private room?

I will lock the door forever
And throw away the key, though it may become my tomb
It’s too late to change the past, no looking back, no never
I'll stay in my private room
Track Name: Downtrodden
The light is fading
And so am I
Just counting days until I’m gone

And in my wake I sense
The distant scent of,
A fire extinct since very long

Big Sleep is greeting
As a friend from days gone by
I slowly yield to its embrace

But though my hair is white
My mouth is still red
You can see it grinning in my face

To all you exploited, and for those who're oppressed
The whores and the cretins you shall all be blessed
To all of you wretched, to all you ‘queers’
Stand tall and strong and dry your tears

You sons, humiliated, rise and stay your strife
Stand up, fallen daughters of the night
Soon the pain will be abated, and your veins will flow of life
We're standing here right beside you,
In your fight
Track Name: The Sweetest Betrayal
So you have the impertinence
Of telling me again
How our lives would be easier,
If we ceased to pretend
Unrighteousness is to avoid,
And from lying you’d refrain
The way I see it, you just sentenced my life into a dead end

So you tell me you must follow your heart
And be sincere
And that you really need some space,
So you can breathe the air
That may make sense
For me however it's not evidently clear
I’ve never heard of oxygen that can really disappear

Your concept of deception had become my comfort and relief
What right have you to lie, then leave me here looming in the drear?
One thing I know, in order to betray there first must be belief
And while a true friend stabs you in the front,
You stabbed me in the rear

Save your lies to whom you're dreaming of
Say a prayer for the ecstasy and the bliss
For each man kills the thing he loves
While the coward does it with a kiss

Come teach me now
Just how false and cruel you well have been
Deceitful, may you wake in torment
And be shattered in spleen

The wind will turn,
And cast a shadow on he who betrays
I suffer now,
But am I not sure, you shall suffer always
And while I' m dwelling here,
In my prison and in my chains

My love for you,

Will Eternally Remain....